Josh and I participated in our first ever TIGCompo last month and to fit the theme of Sports we created a 4-player dodgeball inspired game called BLOODBALL.

This video from a BLOODBALL game night Josh held will help give you an idea of the action (note: there’s some swearing):

BLOODBALL is available to download (for Windows only) at our Sports compo thread. There’s only one week left before the voting period for the compo ends so head over to the TIGForums to cast your vote!

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LD23: Graet Sucsecs!


Ocne aagin we’ve temaed up wtih smaptron to craete our tihrd eevr Lduum Drae etnry, “Lililput“: a deslyxic tkae on the clsasic tipyng defnese gmae wehre all the wrods you tpye are sbutly mispselled.

Intirgued? Paly Lililput on Konrgegate, cehck out our Luudm Drae pgae, raed our postmrotem, and wtach a spilt-sceren timalepse of the gmae’s depelovment bolew:

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Escape: The Movie: The Escapening

Too few indie games get cool cinematic posters, so to celebrate the release of / ESCAPE \ on iOS and Android, I decided to make one. You can see the result below:

Clicking the poster will take you to a full-sized version on deviantART. I also made a little timelapse gif for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks for all your support!

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/ ESCAPE \ Goes Mobile

Last summer we released our one-button wall-jumper, / ESCAPE \, to Kongregate, winning 3 gold medals in the Ludum Dare 21 Jam: Overall, Fun, and Audio. Now it’s back, but this time on iOS and Android!


Download for iOS
Download for Android

Kongregate has chosen us to be their first ever published iOS/Android game. We did most of the work porting the game to the device, but Kongregate was very accommodating about integrating the new API and offered us some amazing deals when it came to advertisement! Hopefully we’ll see more games with Kongregate login/badges in the future!

Play the original on Kongregate
Check out the original Ludum Dare page

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PPPPPPPPP: IndieCade 2011 Finalist!

The finalists for IndieCade 2011 were announced recently and we are beyond excited to see that PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew made the cut!

PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew will be on display at the IndieCade GameWalk October 8-9 in Culver City, California, along side the 35 other finalists which include Fez, BIT.TRIP FLUX and Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure. Be there!

UPDATE – Get a unique glimpse of the team in this behind-the-scenes video we made for IndieCade 2011:

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